NIKO Extreme 5-day Leadership Camp

NIKO Extreme 5-day Leadership Camp

02 Aug 08:00 - 06 Aug 20:00 - Batumi
Batumi, Adjara, Georgia


NIKO, a word meaning to conquer or to overcome, is a five-day wilderness leadership training program where you take risks to discover more about who God has made you to be. Your learning environment will be the great outdoors, the classroom of life. You will learn skills vital to working as a team, being a leader, and pushing yourself beyond limits you thought you could never overcome. As an individual or a group you learn to surrender your individual rights and learn new levels of interdependence with others. The most important aspect is to grow in your dependence on God.
Хотите узнать себя больше? Научиться лучше работать в команде? Узнать больше характер Бога? Поучаствовать в приключении вместе с друзьями? Узнать свой лидерский потенциал? ТОгда приезжайте к нам в Батуми на свое НИКО! Ждем вас в августе 2-6. Если вам интересно пишите и мы вышлем вам анкеты.

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