Svaneti from above. Nurmish Pass 3-day trip.

Svaneti from above. Nurmish Pass 3-day trip.

15 Jul 08:00 - 24 Jul 15:00 - Mestia


The trip to Nurmish Pass (3600m) is perhaps the best way to spend 3 days in Svaneti.

Starting from July 15 I will be guiding this route 3 times.
The dates are: July 15-17, July 19-21, July 23-25

1. Joining the small group (2-3 people) you will share costs making this trip even more affordable.
2. No mountaineering experience is required but fitness and sure footage is absolutely necessary.
3 Take advantage of my EQUIPMENT RENT

This route is unknown to a broader audience and just as any destination of this kind it gives a total satisfaction from having place completely for yourself.

Of all multi-day routes around Mestia this particular route is the highest and offer views comparable to those enjoyed only on technical climbs. On clear day all 5000m peaks of the Caucasus are visible (except Kazbek).
We will be crossing one of the most accessible yet never visited glacier and climbing it's snow slopes (up to 30 degrees) to Nurmish pass. On clear day another hour of following snow ridge will take us to the West summit of Banguriani (3810m).
Approach to the base camp with it's trail amid sheer rocks, blooming meadows with clear streams and close views of snow peaks is almost as impressive.


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